Sharonda Zackery

Board Member

Sharonda Zackery

Sharonda Zackery (Board Member) is an Alabama native and a Troy University Alumni. She has worked in the Accounting field for 25 years. She is a mom who has a 10 year old daughter. Her hobbies are; Walking, DIY Home Improvements, Water related activities, Exploring new restaurants and Traveling.

Sharonda enjoys volunteering with 4 My Destiny Community Arts Center at events, seminars, etc. She’s an individual that prefers that tasks to be delegated to her. If something needs to be done specifically, she’ll make sure that the task is completed in a timely manner. Whether it be contacting vendors, assisting with fundraisers or events, light administrative duties, mentoring, contacting businesses for pricing, etc. Those are things that she plans to bring to the table while working with 4 My Destiny Community Arts Center. She looks forward to this great opportunity to serve.


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